Annae Jones

Age: 40
Disability: Upper Extremity Bilateral Amputee
Location: Alberta, Canada

About Annae

My name is Annae. I was born without arms. I enjoy painting, camping, and hiking. I think that it’s important to get your exercise, especially to maintain a level of flexibility in my legs. I am especially skilled in writing. I love to travel and love cooking for my family. I have the unique ability to volunteer a lot of my time for disability advocacy using my skills as a technical writer. I believe that volunteering contributes to mental and emotional health.


  • Harvard College
    Implied degree in Communication in specialized in technical writing


  • Skills for Life
  • War Amp
  • Mouth and Foot Painting Association


  • Skills for Life
    Disability Advocate
  • War Amp
    Blog Writer
  • Mouth and Foot painting Association
    Foot Painting Artist


  • Lower desk table
  • Handicap parking
  • Dragon (speech-to-text-program)
  • Accessible door opening